All New Gummy Bear Implants

New Gummy Bear Implants

Featuring the all new FDA-approved Natrelle® 410 Shaped Implant!

If you are considering breast augmentation, you can now choose between a round or anatomically shaped profile. Because now, the #1 surgeon selected shaped gel implant in Europe and Canada is available to you. The Natrelle® 410 is designed with a shape that mirrors the curves of a woman's breast.

New Gummy Bear Implants

A new breast implant designed with a shape that mirrors your real curves

The Natrelle® 410 features an anatomically shaped silhouette, with contours that closely resemble the curves of a woman's breast. If the "round" look isn't exactly what you are looking for, ask us about the Natrelle® 410.

The feel of your implants is also as important as the shape. That's why these implants were created to feel soft to the touch. While brand new in the US, this implant has over 20 years of highly favorable results in Europe and Canada.

New Gummy Bear Implants

Shape that HOLDS and satisfaction that LASTS

Not all gel implants are shaped equally. The Natrelle® 410 is specifically engineered to mirror a woman's real curves. It's also designed to hold its shape thanks to a new highly cohesive gel. That means it holds its shape and fullness over time.

Is the Natrelle® 410 right for you?

Choosing the correct implant, round or shaped, is an individual decision and depends on a number of important factors. Schedule your consultation and let us help you meet your goals.

Breast Implant Simulator

Wonder what you might look like after a breast augmentation? See for your self with the Natrelle® implant simulator! This simulator is not a substitute for a consultation with your physician. Please contact us for more information. go to simulator →

Financing Your Procedure

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Natrelle Gel Special with Breast Augmentation

Choose Natrelle Gel for your breast augmentation and receive a FREE treatment of BOTOX® or LATISSE®! Look inside the brochure for more information. Plus, see how a friend can benefit, too.

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